So much more than just sightseeing: Energetic, Vibrant Berlin Adventures

Tina offers tours for English speaking guests which are rich with history and packed with energy. When touring with Tina you don’t just hear Berlin’s best stories and visit its most important sights, you also connect with the city’s spirit and uncover its real soul.


  • We travelled with teenagers aged 16,17 and 18 years to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour from Berlin with Tina our tour guide. She was absolutely fantastic, so knowledgeable and gave us a highly informative, passionate and interactive experience throughout. I highly recommend doing this tour with Tina.

    Deirdre Daly Avatar Deirdre Daly
    February 21, 2024

    I took part in the Communist history tour “From Marx to the wall”, it was interesting and Tina is a great guide! Highly recommend 🙂

    Maria Raviolo Avatar Maria Raviolo
    January 28, 2024

    Tina is super knowledgeable about all the history of Berlin! On our first full day in Berlin we did a 3 hour walking tour with Tina and it was the best experience plus informative introduction to this incredible city steeped in history. We highly recommend Tina’s Tours! Dankeschön Tina!

    Georgina Connell Avatar Georgina Connell
    January 28, 2024

    Highly recommend a tour with Tina! We did the ‘Berlin highlights’ at the start of of Europe trip and we still all speak of it higher than any other tour guides or tours in other cities. Tina’s enthusiasm for Berlin is contagious and she does a fantastic job at speaking of it’s fascinating history. Thanks Tina.

    Ben Thurtell Avatar Ben Thurtell
    January 28, 2024

    Tina was the perfect person to take our family of 5 for a tour to Sachsenhausen for the day. She was so warm, friendly, knowledgeable and considerate. Thanks so much Tina for making our day so special.

    Wade OShea Avatar Wade OShea
    January 28, 2024

    Fantastisk inspirerende og vidende guide til Berlin. Vi fulgtes med Tina på en tur til det såkaldte “alternative Berlin”. Det var 2,5 intense timer med allehånde sjove historier, udpegning af spændende detaljer, vinkler og perspektiver. Vi bookede turen igennem Free walking tour Berlin. Vi bar også på en anden guidet tur dagen efter, hvilket virkelig satte Tinas præstation i perspektiv. De varmeste anbefalinger.

    Sara Vafai-Blom Avatar Sara Vafai-Blom
    December 28, 2023

    Isabelle Fischer Avatar Isabelle Fischer
    December 28, 2023

    I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing Tina's tours are. I've been to Berlin multiple times and come from grandparents who survived WWII, so I am very familiar with WWII history and Berlin's dynamic and intense past as I still have family that live in the city. However, Tina was able to bring new and interesting dimensions to the 2 tours I went on with her. The first tour was a general "Best of Berlin" type of tour highlighting different dimensions of WWII, Cold War, and modern history. This tour was a 10/10 that intertwined historical fact with human story. I often find that tours including such brutal records oftentimes feel detached because they don't get personal with anecdotes from the people who survived and died during that period. Tina changes this by telling personal stories from multiple different perspectives and backgrounds that gives tremendous insight into the human condition through turmoil - both the good and the bad of humanity. This tour was so good that my friend and I decided to change our plans for the following day to join Tina's extermination camp tour of Sachsenhausen. I've been to Auschwitz in Poland and found it overwhelming, but so detached from the horrors that happened there. Most of that detachment was because of the lack of personal stories. Again, Tina brought that element into this tour in the most beautiful and caring way. Even though it is incredibly heavy material for a tour, Tina's intentionality with what she highlights, passion and description for history through the lens of human psychology, and respect for the lives taken too soon made this tour a perfect balance between the weight of tragedy and uplifting respect and forewarning to prevent this from happening again. I rarely write Google reviews but Tina is the best tour guide I've ever come across in the 70+ countries I've visited. Truly a gem and everything you'd want in a guide. 11/10 would recommend.

    Mason Hill Avatar Mason Hill
    November 28, 2023
  • Absolutely wonderful walking tour of Berlin with Tina. Tina is hugely knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about the city. She’s full of interesting and historical facts. Highly recommended for a tour in this beautiful city.

    Ewen Cameron Avatar Ewen Cameron
    November 28, 2023

    Tina provided an unforgettable experience in Berlin. Tina's deep knowledge of the city's history and culture made the tour both educational and exciting.The Berlin tour was well-organized, taking us to iconic landmarks and hidden gems. I highly recommend Tina for an enriching and enjoyable adventure in Berlin. It was a remarkable journey through the heart of this vibrant city.

    fedaa nour Avatar fedaa nour
    November 28, 2023

    We did a tour with Tina yesterday that was fabulous. Tina had so much knowledge to share We really enjoyed her sense of humor and enthusiastic personality.

    Debbie Lucyk Avatar Debbie Lucyk
    October 28, 2023

    Ich habe letzten Sommer eine Streetart-Tour mit Tina gemacht. Es war eine unglaublich tolle Tour, man hat viel gelernt und es war eine entspannte, internationale Gruppe. Mir ist Tinas positive Art und ihre Leidenschaft von Anfang an aufgefallen, ihre Begeisterung für Geschichte und Kunst macht die Tour so besonders und lebendig. Ich habe sehr viele Teile der Stadt gesehen und Sachen gelernt, die ich ohne sie nie gefunden hätte. Ich habe die Tour auch allen Freunden und Bekannten empfohlen, selbst meine Freundin die in Berlin wohnt kannte viele Orte noch nicht, als ich ihr die Fotos gezeigt habe. Am Ende hat uns Tina sogar noch spontan kurz eine Performance mit dem Hoola Hoop gezeigt! Vielen vielen Dank, ich werd sofort wieder eine Tour bei dir buchen, wenn ich in Berlin bin! Liebe Grüsse, Anna aus München

    Anna P Avatar Anna P
    October 28, 2023

    We've spent a wonderful time with Tina on a city center tour. Her passion about Berlin is absolutely stunning. The way she's telling you the story of the city is just charming. It's not similar to the boring tours you could visit with your classmates. These are the stories that your friend could share with you. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always interesting. I'll definitely be recommending tours with Tina to all my friends coming to Berlin. Huge thanks to the work you're doing!

    Анастасия Сапега Avatar Анастасия Сапега
    October 28, 2023

    I ended up on the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp tour with Tina as a result of pure serendipity, one I will cherish for a long time. Tina's authentic and unimaginable ingenuity as a guide made even one of the darkest parts of history come to life in ways that only left me with introspection and hope ; she mentioned the locals at times complained about the ashes in their gardens from burning of bodies in the gas chambers - it made me think am I any better in face of the atrocities people are faced with today, do I only have sight of ashes in my garden ... a seed of growth is the most profound way she could have influenced any of us in the ~4 hours we spent there as strangers. I can surely speak for myself here in the affirmative.

    Manizeh Dossa Avatar Manizeh Dossa
    October 28, 2023

    Berlin has so much to offer that engaging a guide is the best way to get to know this incredible city and Tina from Tina's Tours is your key to an outstanding city experience. We took part in Tina's Alternative Berlin and Sachsenhausen tours. Both tours are very different and Tina showed her skill as a guide by adapting her discourse to the different environments. She is incredibly well-researched and fluently delivers rich stories about people, places and history. She gives clear instructions and is always looking out for the welfare of her group. She displays a great sense of humour whilst being respectful to subject matter and her love of Berlin is infectious.If you want a tour guide that is better than the rest, contact Tina to make your Berlin experience one to be remembered.

    Ian and Barb Christie Avatar Ian and Barb Christie
    October 28, 2023

    Tina is great. Very knowledgable and very generous with her suggestions and recommendations. I took the 'Welcome to Berlin' and the 'Alternative Berlin' with her and they were great. She is a top knotch guide who made our short but full trip to Berlin a success. I've done a ton of free walking tours all over Europe and she was definitely one of the best. Do yourself a favor and book with her. Thanks Tina!

    Louis G Avatar Louis G
    September 28, 2023
  • Tina was an amazing tour guide, we are on a study trip and she did amazingly at explaining all the different historical features here in Berlin.

    river romanoff Avatar river romanoff
    September 28, 2023

    Tina for President 🇩🇪

    Ida Larsen Avatar Ida Larsen
    September 28, 2023

    We were searching for a tour guide to help us in arranging a walking tour for our newsletter subscribers, and that's when we found Tina. Choosing to collaborate with her for this event turned out to be the best decision. We opted for the Street Art Tour, and Tina's extensive knowledge about all the city's murals and graffiti was impressive. She is not only informative but also has a delightful personality that makes her a pleasure to listen to. We're confident that we'll work with her again in the future.

    Berlin Events Weekly Avatar Berlin Events Weekly
    September 28, 2023

    Tina's tours was a ton of fun until she started talking about religious, gay, disabled women dissecting and burning hitler's body.... thats when it became phenomenal! Highly recommended, Thank you Tina for a great time!

    Alex Page Avatar Alex Page
    September 28, 2023

    If you are visiting Berlin and want to know more about Sachsenhausen (former concentration camp): Just book Tina. She has passion, a clear voice, explains things very good and knows how to lead a group of people. She does great work, she really pulls you into the past. Very interesting. Best tour i ever had. I cannot mention one thing that went wrong. Would double the stars if possible.

    Johannesdesloper Avatar Johannesdesloper
    September 28, 2023

    Had two great tours with Tina. I enjoyed both so much

    Adam Jazzar Avatar Adam Jazzar
    September 28, 2023

    We started our stay in Berlin with Tina at Insider Tour. A perfect way to discover the main attractions in Berlin and to learn about this amazing city. She is highly qualified and generous with recommandations.

    Marie-Andrée Girard Avatar Marie-Andrée Girard
    September 28, 2023

    Tina was amaaaazing. 10/10 experience. Not only did she knew very interesting details, Tina always incorporated stories around the things we were exploring. Definitely would recommend this Australian-Berlin-down to earth-always with a quick joke guide. You're most definitely gonna have a great time with her!!! 😄😄

    Bistra Stojanoska Avatar Bistra Stojanoska
    August 28, 2023
  • I took the Berlin tour with Tina, and was amazed by how well she managed to lead it with humor and enormous enthusiasm while maintaining super comprehensive view on the history behind it. The best tour I’ve Ever been at, you won’t regret it.

    Urigal Urigal Avatar Urigal Urigal
    August 28, 2023

    About two months ago in June, I went on the Communism and Socialism tour with Tina. I couldn't recommend her enough. Not only was she funny, Tina also gave a lot of insight and history towards the communist era of Berlin. She was also very detailed when answering questions and Tina made us all feel very welcome to Berlin. If you could book a tour with Tina, please do! You'll learn a lot from her!

    Kieron Keung Avatar Kieron Keung
    August 28, 2023

    Tina really gave us an insider view on Berlin. I enjoyed every bit of it and every stop.

    kesmat Elsayed Avatar kesmat Elsayed
    August 28, 2023

    Great tour!

    Ahmad Abdalla Avatar Ahmad Abdalla
    August 28, 2023

    Did a Third Reich tour in Berlin with Tina and it was PHENOMENAL!! Have lived in Berlin for a few months and walked past so many buildings and things that she uncovered so much history about....will definitely change my walks from now on. You won't regret booking with Tina!

    Mark Holland Avatar Mark Holland
    August 28, 2023

    Excelent guide We had a class of history

    Pedro Cavalheiro Costa Avatar Pedro Cavalheiro Costa
    August 28, 2023

    Very Good guided trip to sachsenhausen

    Francisco Costa Avatar Francisco Costa
    August 28, 2023

    madelaine kluger Avatar madelaine kluger
    August 28, 2023

Who is Tina?

I am a storyteller, a passionate nerd for modern history, a psychology graduate, a curious observer and lover of mankind. 


Born and raised in Queensland Australia, English is my native language. I have Italian family heritage, so my real name is Ernestina, after my great grandmother. I am proudly now also fluent in German, for my sins!

History Nerd

Growing up in a house where the walls were lined with history books and the corners crammed with boxes of newspapers, my parents ignited my fascination with modern history and what it can teach us about humanity.

Berlin Addict

I came to Berlin in 2017 for a 10 day nerdy history vacation of tours, museums and historical sites. I had not expected to encounter such a free, fierce, bold and unapologetic city. I made it home.

Eine Berlinerin

I've run an underground music venue, performed hula hoop dance at festivals and clubs and been both accepted and rejected by Berghain. Curious about what this is to do with history? This is why you need to tour with me.


I bring Berlin's history to life, make it accessible and help people to connect with it on an empathetic level. My passion for the city energises my tours. Passion is contagious - so prepare yourself to be captivated by Berlin.

Berlin Guides Association Member

I have been a member of the Berlin Guides Association (Bündnis Berliner Stadtführer) since 2021.  

Personalised Tours

Whether you are a local wanting to better understand your home, a first-time visitor to Berlin or a business looking for an inspiring team-building event, Berlin has plenty to “wow” you.
Pick from one of my favourite topics listed below or let me design your own, personalised Berlin adventure.

I particularly love designing a “Best Day Ever”: a full-day Berlin adventure combining history, sightseeing, art, culture, food, drinks, people-watching and whatever else Berlin throws at us along the way!

Yes, I do accept multiple-day bookings.

Below are some of my favourite tours, which can be tailored to your likes and interests:

Communist East Germany/ GDR and the Berlin Wall

Up until 1990, much of Berlin stood in a completely different country: the socialist German Democratic Republic (GDR). What was life like in the GDR and what marks has it left on Berlin and the German people?

We will see some remnants of the Berlin Wall, check-out some communist art and architecture and generally get nerdy about the extinct socialist Germany!

GDR tours could also include sights like the former Stasi headquarters, East Side Gallery, escape sites, memorials and former ghost tunnels.

tina standing in front of street art mural

Counter-culture and street art

Street art, squats, alternative living projects, LGBTIQ culture, demonstrations, clubs, techno, punk… Berlin emerged from its oppressive history to value freedom and LIFE above all and to revel in both through art, parties and politics.

How did Berlin’s WWII bomb damage give birth to some of the world’s most famous (and notorious) street artists? How did the Berlin Wall lead to new styles of rock music and a wave of occupied houses? Why were artists like David Bowie and Nick Cave so inspired by this city? Why are Berlin locals locked in a fierce battle to remain masters over their own city and what does this have to do with an anarchist- queer- feminine housing project? How did the fall of the Berlin Wall transform the city into a “temple of techno”, why is it so hard to get into the city’s clubs and why are they so important to Berlin? What is Berghain and what does it take to get in?

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

The concentration camps of the Nazi era continue to appal and horrify the world. These were places of forced labour, medical abuse, torture and mass murder.
Many diverse people suffered in Sachsenhausen, from homosexuals to pacifists, priests to artists, journalists to Jews, resisters to ethnic minorities slandered as “gypsies”.
In this tour of Sachsenhausen’s former prisoner area, we will share some of their stories. We will build an image of life inside a concentration camp, explain how this hideous episode of history escalated and address Sachsenhausen's specific role in the Holocaust. A tour here is an emotionally challenging experience, but also extremely worthwhile.

Berlin Highlights

Let’s do the “must sees”, but more importantly, let’s bring them to life with their incredible, fascinating and sometimes surprising stories. Highlights include the Brandenburg Gate, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, site of Hitler’s bunker, the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Museum Island and many more. East Side Gallery tours also available.

Hitler's Berlin: The Nazi Years

Let's tour the scars of Adolf Hitler's "Third Reich", which reigned from 1933-1945. The Nazis built intimidating buildings, drew-up plans to develop Berlin into a megalomaniac global capital, purged art and literature which they deemed "degenerate", horribly persecuted and even murdered people who they deemed "Ungerman" and dragged the globe into World War II. By the end of their 12 years in power, the Nazis had devastated humanity and reduced Berlin to rubble.
Let's tour what's left of their architecture, envision how their planned capital would have looked, trace the stories of some of the top Nazis and also those of their victims. Sites might include former Nazi government buildings, museums and exhibitions, the site of Hitler's Bunker, war damage (bullet holes etc), former air raid bunkers, stumbling stones, sites of resistance attempts, the Reichstag building, memorials to Nazis victims e.g. the Memorial to the Murdered Jews or Europe or Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted under Nazism etc.

Socialist cinema and high rise

Modern Architecture East vs West

"Can you tell whether you are in East or West Berlin based on the buildings?" Is one of the most common question asked by guests. The answer is more complicated than you might think. There are some places in former East Berlin where the architecture is clearly socialist. Along the former Stalin Allee for example, you can trace the journey of socialist architecture from the unexpected classicism of Stalin's time to the later, prefabricated, concrete, high-rises. The socialists did not, however, have the monopoly on utilitarian, practical buildings. Many superstars of modern architecture in the capitalist world, such as Martin Gropius, Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer left their mark on West Berlin with buildings that are often mistaken to be socialist because of their appearance. Let's trace the East vs West, socialist vs capitalist battle as it played out in the modern architecture of Berlin. Sites include the former Stalinallee and Hansaviertal or Kottbusser Tor.

The best day ever

Let’s spend a day or half-day exploring some of the best that Berlin has to offer, with a personal tour tailored to your particular interests. We can balance sightseeing and history with gastronomy, people watching, art, architecture and whatever else interests you the most. Are you a coffee nerd? Wine lover? Graffiti addict? Let me know and I will tailor our day to your interests.

Want it on wheels?

Please let me know if you'd like me to orgnanise a private vehicle and driver for our tour i.e. bus, minivan or car.
I do offer bicycle tours, but for groups of maximum 4 people, unless you're locals and therefore already confident in Berlin's traffic.

Vintage/ Second Hand Shopping

Berlin has great second hand and vintage shopping scenes! I'm afraid that I'm absolutely useless where brands and fashion are concerned but I know where to find the best deals and special pieces! For several years, I've been trying to only buy second hand textiles for environmental and human rights' reasons. Let me show you my favourite places to buy beautiful items already in circulation!

Local bar experience with Tina and an original Berliner

Let's show you some of Berlin's best bars! My boyfriend is born and raised in Berlin and I think that I'm humbly able to finally call myself a Berlin expert. We love exploring the city's best nightlife spots and have a huge list of our favourites. We'll take you to a few of our favourite bars, varying from "hip" modern Berlin bars to old Berliner "Eck-Kneipe": traditional pubs. You'll receive two drinks included in plus a local Schnapps/ shot. This is bookable privately and also occurs regularly in summer in small, open groups.

Tina Takes Over: Itinerary Design

Not sure how to maximise your time in Berlin?  I can design your Berlin itinerary for you!  We’ll chat about your interests and style of travel and discuss what’s on offer while you’re in Berlin, so that I can propose what I think will be your ideal itinerary.  

Itinerary writing costs 100€ per day of travel e.g. 300€ for a 3 day itinerary.  This includes up to one hour of video/ phone calls per itinerary day, which can be split over multiple calls.  Also included are up to two revisions/ alternative suggestions for the proposed itinerary.  Please note that I do not make the actual bookings for you.  

Dying to tour with Tina!?

Private tours start at 75€ per hour (excluding 19% VAT). If this isn’t in your budget, then get in contact to ask about joining one of my regular, public tours.

Call/ Whatsapp/ SMS/ telegram/ carrier pigeon me on +4915906391611, e-mail me at or send me a message on Instagram and I will get back to you

Check-out Tina's Tours on Instagram